More Stuff From My Visit to Avril’s Favourite (La) Pizzeria!

Bloggergirl at la Pizzeria

Hi, again : ) . Just some more cool stuff from my interview with Avril Lavigne’s Pizza Boi. 🙂

In the last post i was talking about signing Avrils guestbook. VERY BIG ! Not to mention it was the 6th book . Maybe she already has it ? Bill from La Pizzeria sends them to her whenever they get full so hopefully she’s read my message i left her. If you want to check out the picture of me signing it , it’s on my first page about visiting La Pizzeria.

When I was there Bill showed me alot of different pictures of Avril with him and his family at the restaurant and lots of pictures from the tour bus. She also got them VIP passes to the Juno Music Awards a few years ago too. Pretty cool – they’re ACTUALLY friends with Avril ! 🙂

Eating Avril's pizza

Eating Avril’s pizza

I asked him about the fans that came into the restaurant and he said that there had been some from as far as AUSTRALIA and JAPAN! Another guy came in and asked what booth Avril ate pizza in, Bill told him every booth so the guy video taped himself eating pizza in all of the booth’s! Pretty funny stuff.

Another cool thing , When Avril was on the Jimmy Kimmel live show he phoned up Bill and asked him a few questions about Avril while she was there. He must have been suprised !!. Just after that they sent him a tape of the show, so he could hear himself on TV ! .

So if you’re travelling by Napanee, which is near Kingston, Ontario and between Ottawa and Toronto (about 3 hours from Toronto and 2 or so hours from Ottawa?), I would definately recommend going into La pizzaria, the pizza is actually very good and well, Avril loves it!

La Pizzeria is only about 5 minutes away from the 401 highway, so it doesn’t take much time to get there if you’re already driving by. The picture at the top shows what the front of the store looks like – it’s on the north side of the street.

La Pizzeria Google MapAnd you can get directions to get there by choosing “Directions” at Google Maps and putting your address as the “Start Address” and La Pizzeria’s address in the “End Address” (17 Dundas St E, Napanee, ON, Canada) if you live anywhere in North America.

You can also see a Google satellite map of where the restaurant is by clicking on the little map to the right (the red thing shows where La Pizzeria is) or just click here.

[Original Post written: September 25, 2005 ]

My Interview with Avril’s Pizza Boi

bloggergirl and pizza boi

Earlier this year I read some news online that said that Avril didn’t like the pizza’s ingredients from her favorite pizza place in Napanee anymore and that it upset the restaurant owners (like this article). But the articles didn’t really talk much about exactly what the owner of the pizza restaurant said or make sure it was even true!

Me and Bill – Avril’s Pizza Boi and owner of La PizzeriaSo a few months after I read that, i decided that because i lived so close to the “La Pizzeria” that i would go in and talk to the owner (Bill … Avril’s Pizza Boi ! lol) about Avril and what she was like, and of course the rumour that the pizza they named after her wasn’t her favorite pizza anymore.

So below are my questions to Bill and what he said! : )

How often did Avril come to this Pizzaria ?
– All the time.

What was her favorite pizza ?
– Olives, mushrooms & pepperoni.

Would you say that Avril “behaved” when she came in, or was she like, loud & obnoxious?
– She behaved well and was good.. she was quiet and always used to bring her plate up to the counter when she was finished.

How long has Avril come to your Pizzeria for?
– about 8 years.

When was the last time she came in?
– Around November (2004).

Is Avril’s favorite pizza popular?
– Yes, very popular.

Are you aware of the news reports that came out last month, that said ” Avril doesn’t like pizza with the same ingredients as she used to?
– * Shrugs * Yeah, that’s just the tabloids. 🙂

Are you going to keep the Avril pizza ingredients the same or are you planning on changing them ?
Me and Bill – Avril’s Pizza Boi and owner of La Pizzeria- Yes, i am keeping them the same.

How often do you send Avril her signed guestbook (a huge book fans can write message to Avril in)?
– About every 6 months.


Me signing Avril’s Guest Book

So I did find out that the rumors weren’t true about him being upset and doesn’t believe those “tabloid” reports. And i can see why its Avril’s favorite pizza place because the pizza was great.! Not to mention the poutine (my favorite food) – the cheese there is really gooey, exactly how Avril described it, and it was different (better!) than other places I’ve had it from. And Bill and his wife Marina are super nice – just like Avril’s said!

In my next entry i will mention a couple of other things Bill and i talked about, and i’ll also show you directions to get to Avril’s favorite pizza place!

Update: Part 2 is here!

[Original Post written: September 18, 2005 ]