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Avril Loves to Punk People... in April, that is ! :-)

Wow I don't know about you, but Avril has kinda SHOCKED me by some of the things she does... In a good way that is. :)

And after finding and posting about Avril getting Punk'D this year - and her getting (understandably) upset by what they did to her - I was surprised to see that Avril likes to "punk" other people on April Fools Day! (April 1)

She even did it to her own mother...!

It was april fools day and everyone loves to give someone a little bit of a scare right, so Avril phoned up her mom and told her she was PREGNANT !! Apparently she doesn't have any limits on the lies for April Fools, which is sometimes a good thing, and other times not so much of a good thing. lol

March 2006 Update:
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Another prank she pulled was to go as far as calling her manager and telling him that she was in a brutal accident, and was in the Emergency Room with a broken nose and two black eyes ! Not so good for the manager of Avril Lavigne !

She told MTV Europe she always has to get everyone good on April fools day, and she definatly did THAT year! :)

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Original Post written: Saturday, October 08, 2005

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