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Avril Sings John Lennon for Amnesty International

Quick-- what do the Postal Service, the Cure, Snow Patrol, the Black Eyed Peas, Avril Lavigne, and Duran Duran have in common? No, smartasses, it isn't that they all suck (because they don't). It's that they all love John Lennon and support human rights.

The aforementioned artists have joined forces with Amnesty International to celebrate International Human Rights Day (December 10) with a series of Lennon covers, as part of the "Make Some Noise" campaign. The Postal Service contribute "Grow Old With Me", Snow Patrol take on "Isolation", and the Cure have a crack at "Love". The Black Eyed Peas bring "Power to the People", perhaps in an attempt to atone for the human rights violation that is "My Humps".

Each recording will be available for download for 99 cents from the Make Some Noise website starting Saturday, December 10, with all profits benefiting Amnesty. A compilation of the tracks is in the works for next year, as are further contributions, including covers by Avril Lavigne and Duran Duran.

The project was made possible by Yoko Ono's donation of the rights to Lennon's solo catalog to the organization in 2003.

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Original Post written: Friday, December 09, 2005

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