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Avril in Harper's Bazaar Magazine

The COMPLICATED singer, 20, dresses in Chanel and Gucci to demonstrate her new fashion sense in the February (06) edition of Harper's Bazaar magazine.

Lavigne says, "I'm starting to feel more feminine. I'm getting into hair and make-up and image.
Avril Lavigne Remixed
By Laura Brown

Avril Lavigne loves black. Always has. And skulls and studs and other things that rock 'n' roll girls do. But something has happened recently to the punky kid who has sold millions of albums to impressionably angry adolescents and inspired clones throughout the land to emulate her famed antistyle of baggy dickies, tank top, necktie, and eyefuls of eyeliner: When our backs were turned, she grew up.

Which brings Avril to the set of Bazaar's New York photo shoot. At 21, she's absolutely tiny- about five foot one, a size 0 at most. Her newly blonde hair is shampoo-commercial-ready, her features china-doll precise. Wearing a black tank and jeans and sporting a shy smile, she carries a skull-embossed makeup bag (in black) and a silver studded purse (yes, also in black). She's been thinking for a while now about changing her look, about gingerly dipping her sneakered toe into fashionable waters. "A couple of years ago I started wearing skirts," she says, her thoughts tumbling out rapid-fire and betraying her demure first impression. "I'm starting to feel more feminine. I'm getting into hair and makeup and image. That's the best part of being a girl."

And today is a good day to be a girl. When she's presented with all the clothing options for the shoot, Avril immediately grabs a black crystal-embroidered Gucci dress with puffed cap sleeves. Next an Audrey Hepburnesque bustier skirt with a bow at the waist. "I love it, I love it," she says. Then (and who would have thought a rock chick would go for this?) a sinuous, sophisticated skirt suit. But it's when she puts on a midnight blue Chanel lace shift that Avril draws a gasp all around. She looks like a Carnaby Street heroine, a Twiggy for the 2000's.

Avril found her look early, at 17, with her first album, Let Go. And because it went multiplatinum, the Canadian's contrarian style- neckties and wife beaters- caught on, resulting in the heady day when, on her first tour, she looked out her hotel-room window and spotted a legion of Avril-abees on the street, ties akimbo. "I thought, oh my God, they're dressed like me!" Avril laughs. "It's insane how much I've changed." Wry smile. "I'll look back at [old] pictures and think, I was such a little tough-ass. I would go around swearing all the time, like I was a little devil."

The beginning of Avril's high fashion awakening came only a couple of years ago with a gift of a Prada bag, then a Burberry, then a Louis Vuitton. Designer clothes are still a little way off, but not far. "Oh my God," she says, her eyes widening when she looks at a Polaroid of herself in that puffed-sleeve Gucci. "I look so Fifth Avenue!"

Now that she has taken Manhattan, sold 23 million albums worldwide, and received eight Grammy nominations, Avril's got plans- even bigger plans. "I was on tour for a year, and I started thinking about what I wanted to do next. I wanted to start doing fashion and acting." So she did.

The complete article appears in the February issue of Bazaar. Or subscribe today and get Bazaar delivered directly to your door every month.
Original Post written: Saturday, January 07, 2006

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