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Could Avril Lavigne Work in a REAL Fast Food Restaurant?

In the last post I wrote about Avril being in a new movie called "Fast Food Nation" (about fast food restaurants) and this weekend I saw a pretty cool related article in the biggest local newspaper called the "Kingston Whig Standard".

That article was talking about whether or not Avril Lavigne would actually be capable of working in a fast food place. And the reporter also talked to Bill Kosmopoulos from La Pizzeria who I have met and "interviewed" before (see the link to that post over on the right side of this page).

Bill said that Avril would always be welcome to work in his pizzeria, and always be able to have free pizza there whenever she would like. He also mentioned that Avril was at his Pizzeria just last week!!!
Kosmopoulos owns La Pizzeria in downtown Napanee, which has thrived on the reputation that it’s Lavigne’s favourite local haunt.

“She does like to talk,” he says. “She’s a nice girl. A good friend of ours. She has free pizza here for life.”

She’d feel at home behind the counter here. The Pizzeria is covered in all sorts of memorabilia, including pictures of Lavigne with the staff in the kitchen.

“When she was in high school she would come here every day, and she still comes. She was here last week,” Kosmopoulos said.

La Pizzeria has had visitors from as far away as Australia and Japan, as Lavigne fans try the pizza the singer has endorsed. Kosmopoulos keeps guestbooks full of signatures that he gives to Lavigne whenever she visits.

Hopefully she read what I wrote in that book, and checks out my blog!! :)

And in the article they also talked to a guy named Blair Spensley who said he knew knew Avril personally, said “her independent, care-free attitude would make it difficult for her to compete against him as a co-worker.” And he said that even before she became famous she always had a care-free attitude.

I'm not sure how long the Whig Standard keeps its article available online, but if you read this soon you can check out the whole article by clicking here! (Update: their article is no longer online)
Original Post written: Saturday, January 07, 2006

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