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My Avril Lavigne Poster from Christmas!

I thought i would write a post about my new Avril Lavigne poster that i got for Christmas. It's the same picture of her as the one on the "Under My Skin" Album.

My dad ordered the poster from AllPosters.com just before Christmas and it arrived in a thick cardboard tube that's extremely hard to bend (I tried a few times. lol).

When I opened it up, it had a bit of a wrinkle in it but it turned out okay... besides, one of my dad's coworkers ordered a poster from them about a year ago and there was a minor problem with it, but AllPosters replaced it with no problems at all.

But i would suggest getting it a frame or mount just to ensure the safety of your poster and so it's all ready to hang up as soon as it arrives. I'm looking around for a local business to either frame or mount my poster, but if when I order another one I'll probably have allposters do it for me.

You can check out all their Avril stuff by Clicking Here.

Original Post written: Sunday, February 12, 2006

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