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New "Over the Hedge" Movie Trailer Online!

As many Avril fans know (and I posted about last October), Avril does the voice for a character in an upcoming animated movie "Over the Hedge" by the creators of Shrek...

Avril Lavigne's Possum Character Heather in Over the HedgeAnd today I took another look at the official "Over the Hedge" website and saw they added a new teaser/trailer video!

We don't actually get to hear Avril's voice (Boo!) but they do show her character for a bit and of course mention her name in the end credits. But it's still a great trailer and I'm looking forward to seeing it even more!

If you want to see the trailer, just 'Enter' the site, click on "The Trailer", and then make sure 'Teaser 1" is highlighted (it should already be) and choose which version of the video you want - High-Res for fast internet connections, and low or medium if you're on a modem.

Click here to visit the official "Over the Hedge" website and see the trailer!

Original Post written: Thursday, February 16, 2006

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