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"Over the Hedge" Review - Sneak Peek


Avril Lavigne's Possum Character Heather in Over the HedgeI've written before about the upcoming movie "Over the Hedge" that features Avril Lavigne as the voice of Heather the Possum, and today I saw that some (lucky!) people got to see a sneak peek of it!

The version they saw was not completely done though - two reviewers said "We were informed that the cut we were about to see was only 85% complete.." and "The movie was not 100% complete, so there were parts where the animation wasn't finished, and even a very short part where it was still storyboards, so no animation at all..."

But all the reviews for Over the Hedge are really good!

I'll just list a few quotes from the actual "reviews" of the movie and a few more blog entries by people who also got a sneak peek....


I will not quote anything that reveals TOO much of the movie plot (a lot of it can be figured out by watching the movie's trailer) but some of the actual reviews and blog posts do talk about parts of the movie I didn't know about.

So if you want to be completely surprised about everything when you first see the movie hen it is in theaters, then don't read anything below here...! :-)

'Over the Hedge' is one of the cutest films I've ever seen...

Hedge also has some great and memorable sequences but a few of them really stick out...

Over the Hedge is a must see movie not just for families or animation lovers but for everyone..

Grade: A
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Over the Hedge flies by, and satisfies every step of the way...

This is a film definitely geared towards kids, though it’s smart enough that adults will find it easy to get involved in...

A big part of why the film works so well is the character models they’ve used for their animal characters. They’re fantastically well done ... it’s a delight to simply sit and watch them hop around the screen.

Kids are going to love it, and geeky parents will get a kick out of William Shatner’s possum character and his penchant for overly dramatic deaths.

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Wanda Sykes (appeared at the screening) (she) plays a feisty skunk, named Stella in the film!

Hammy (the squirrel) is a riot or more appropriately, NUTTY! LOL! In fact, one moment in the film that sticks out in my mind is his funny impression of a hungry, rabid squirrel! OMG! HILARIOUS!

Being the mom and kid at heart that I am, I took a likening to this film and I'll definitely see it again with my kiddies! We "humans" can be quite funny when viewed from the eyes of our outdoor neighbors!! :)

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I just saw an advance work-in-progress screening last weekend of DreamWorks animated film, Over The Hedge and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. As a matter of fact, I was pleasantly delighted by it.

Steve Carrell steals the show (as always) as Hammy the squirrel and his character's got most of the funny bits (particularly one involving caffeine) Imagine an over-caffeinated squirrel! It was just too much.

What makes Over The Hedge better than some of the bad CGI that's come out lately is that it dabbles in being a solid animated heist/caper movie at the end of the second act, playing to the strengths of the animal characters.

I brought my little sister to the screening and she loved it. Most of the adults laughed at the bits that were geared towards life in suburbia, but the kids in the audience got a kick out of the whole damn thing.... it's definitely better than Madagascar.

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This past weekend I got to see a preview screening of "Over the Hedge" staring Bruce Willis.

This movie definitely is not on the zero to suck scale. This thing was laugh out loud fun! And to think, it wasn't finished when I saw it!!!

Wow, it makes you wonder what the rest of the world is doing when a movie that isn't finished is better then 99% of the crap out there.

Good Job Dreamworks! You really made a winner this time!

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I think kids will like the movie a lot. It's full of talking animals, and kids dig that.

From this blog post here

So that's all the reviews I could find about the sneek peek version of "Over the Hedge" - and I can't wait for it to hit theaters next month!

If you didn't read my last big update about Avril and "Over the Hedge" then click here to check it out!
Original Post written: Wednesday, April 12, 2006

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