Is Avril Lavigne Pregnant..?!

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avril lavigne pregnant

My original blog post far below here is about the January 2008 rumour that Avril was pregnant – which she denied a few different places…

But now there are NEW rumors about an Avril Lavigne pregnancy, because she and Deryck were seen buying baby clothes etc recently… So it may or may not be true, but unlikely they would plan a pregnancy just before she is starting her world tour.

There’s a better chance she and Deryck were simply buying baby stuff for a friend or family member who is pregnant or recently had a baby.

UPDATE (again) : The Globe & Mail – a Canadian newspaper – publish an interview with Avril today where she addresses this latest rumor… an she basically says exactly what I did:

“No! Of course [I’m not pregnant]. It’s a world tour,” she says by way of explanation, laughing at the ridiculousness of rumours that surfaced last week after the paparazzi shot pictures of her and Whibley hitting three chic baby stores in one day.

They were shopping, Lavigne says, for someone else. A friend or a relative. She doesn’t say who.

March 2008 Update: It was Prank!

So I guess this latest pregnancy rumor was all a prank Avril did for Ashton Kutcher’s new show called “Pop Fiction”! (also see very last “March 2008 Update” on this page for more details)

I added the show’s video below (updated embed):

Original January, 2008 post:

There have been pregnancy rumours in the past (like the one I wrote about in march 2006) about Avril and now there’s another one going around…

This time the ‘exclusive’ announcement was made by a Canadian radio host who has a celebrity blog. So not sure whether this is something called ‘link bait’ – in this case, publishing something as fact when the evidence is flimsy at best – or if he’s genuinely reporting what close sources have told him.

So I am writing up this post with all the information I have right now, and will UPDATE it as new news (proof or debunking) comes out. So be sure to check back periodically to stay up to date….

January 10: Canadian celebrity blogger and radio host Zack Taylor reports Avril’s husband Deryck Whibley has told friends Avril is 6 weeks pregnant.

No actual news organization organization (like cbc, cnn, people, etc) have reported anything about this yet and there’s nothing on her official website.

UPDATE: Wow, that didn’t take long…. 🙂

A rep for Avril Lavigne told that Avril is not expecting.

Citing an “insider,” Canadian radio host Zack Taylor had written: “Avril is a month-and-a-half pregnant and that her husband, Deryck Whibley has been telling all his friends that he’s excited to be a father.”

But Avril’s label rep says, “It’s not true.”

That doesn’t mean the rocker doesn’t want kids, because Lavigne has said she wants children “somewhere down the road.”

March 2008 Update – Zack Taylor was Pranked! reports the original source for this rumor, radio host Zack Taylor, was specifically targeted by a friend of Deryck Whibley who tricked him into thinking the news was true….

E!’s Pop Fiction, where Kutcher and his celeb friends get the press to publish their fake antics, told Zack Taylor after the fact that they used him to push a story that fellow Canadian Avril Lavigne was pregnant. (Video from Avril’s Pop Fiction segment is embedded above)

A friend of her fiance Deryck Whibley, of Sum 41, contacted Taylor with the faux story. He reported it, the grab-at-anything tabloid press picked it up, and Avril did her part to fuel speculation by denying the rumors and then go publicly shopping for baby clothes.