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Interview with Avril’s Pizza Boi

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Earlier this year I read some news online that said that Avril didn’t like the pizza’s ingredients from her favorite pizza place in Napanee anymore and that it upset the restaurant owners (like this article).

But the articles didn’t really talk much about exactly what the owner of the pizza restauraunt said or make sure it was even true!

So a few months after I read that, i decided that because i lived so close to the “La Pizzeria” that i would go in and talk to the owner (Bill … Avril’s Pizza Boi ! lol) about Avril and what she was like, and of course the rumour that the pizza they named after her wasn’t her favorite pizza anymore.

So below are my questions to Bill and what he said! : )

How often did Avril come to this Pizzaria ?
– All the time.

What was her favorite pizza ?
– Olives, mushrooms & pepperoni.

Would you say that Avril “behaved” when she came in, or was she like, loud & obnoxious?
– She behaved well and was good.. she was quiet and always used to bring her plate up to the counter when she was finished.

How long has Avril come to your Pizzeria for?
– about 8 years.

When was the last time she came in?
– Around November (2004). <– and I asked him these questions before summer this year, so she may have visited La Pizzaria since then… I don’t know for sure…
2006 UPDATE: I last heard that Avril was there during the Christmas of 2005 .

Is Avril’s favorite pizza popular?
– Yes, very popular.

Are you aware of the news reports that came out last month, that said ” Avril doesnt like pizza with the same ingrediants as she used to?
– * Shrugs * Yeah, that’s just the tabloids. 🙂

Are you going to keep the Avril pizza ingrediants the same or are you planning on changing them ?
Me and Bill – Avril’s Pizza Boi and owner of La Pizzeria- Yes, i am keeping them the same.

How often do you send Avril her signed guestbook (a huge book fans can write message to Avril in)?
– About every 6 months.

Signing Avril Lavigne's guestbook at La Pizzeria
Me signing Avril’s Guestbook

So I did find out that the rumors weren’t true about him being upset and doesn’t believe those “tabloid” reports. And i can see why its Avril’s favorite pizza place because the pizza was great.! Not to mention the poutine (my favorite food) – the cheese there is really gooey, exactly how Avril described it, and it was different (better!) than other places I’ve had it from.

And Bill and his wife Marina are super nice – just like Avril’s said!

In my next entry i will mention a couple of other things Bill and i talked about, and i’ll also show you directions to get to Avril’s favorite pizza place!

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