Support Avril Charity with a War Child T-Shirt !

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Avril Lavigne in a War Child shirtAvril Lavigne is involved with MANY charities, and one she obviously supports a lot is War Child Canada.

Check out this Avril video of her singing “Knockin on Heaven’s Door” – from the ‘War Child Hope‘ album – which shows kids in Iraq through the video (the little boy with the blue backpack and glasses is a real cutie!)….

This past Christmas i also got a War Child shirt after seeing that Avril Lavigne has worn one on many occasions, including right on the War Child website.

War Child shirtShe actually has the tank top on in the picture above while I got the t-shirt for Christmas (right).

War Child helps children from other countries that have been victims of war, and their website says:

War Child International is a network of independent organisations, working across the world to help children affected by war. War Child was founded upon a fundamental goal: to advance the cause of peace through investing hope in the lives of children caught up in the horrors of war.

War Child keeps fighting for children long after the war has finished, trying to ensure that children who have witnessed what should never be seen – murder, violence, rape – have all they need to begin the long process of rebuilding their lives.

And the video and the ‘War Child Hope‘ album are both about helping children specifically in Iraq.

To get an idea and just ONE story about how children are being affected by the war and terrorism in Iraq, you can read this reporter’s blog entry about some terrorists who blew up a car bomb near some Iraqi children who were talking with US soldiers…

WARNING: the story and picture of the injured little girl is very sad and may be too sad for some readers so don’t click on the story if you’re not sure you want to read it (but it will give you a very good idea what kids there have to face everyday).

Click here to read about War Child Canada in Iraq

If you would like to order something from War Child to help their work with children in Iraq (and all over the world) here’s the page showing where to get Tshirts and other stuff:

Click here for the War Child Merchandise Page

..and I know Avril fans from all over the world visit and read my Avril blog (Thanks, btw!) so I emailed War Child Canada to make sure they deliver to anywhere, not just Canada or North America, and they wrote back:

As for people who want to order them outside of Canada and the US, we do offer different shipping and payment methods online. All the information is on the site if you click on ‘buy now’. So in answer to your question, yes, all your readers should be able to buy a T-shirt.”

So if you get an allowance (or have a birthday coming up!) think about getting something from their website to help all the kids affected by war.

…I don’t know for SURE, but I think it would make Avril happy if you did too. 🙂