Video of Avril Lavigne as Heather in “Over the Hedge”

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Avril lavigne with Heather, her "Over the Hedge" character

I was just searching for some cool new Avril news, AND i found a new Podcast that’s pretty much all about Avril and William Shatner talking about their roles in “Over the Hedge” as Ozzie and Heather the Possums!

There’s some pretty sweet new clips of the movie and Avril explains her character a little but more, and of course she talks about how her character always gets embarrassed because of her dad always trying to play dead. Which apparently possoms do when they get scared ?

The video is great! Click here to check it out below:

ALSO, if you were on the official “Over the Hedge” website then you should definitely check it out again cause its updated.


Here’s a picture of Avril Lavigne’s possum character “Heather” with her dad, voiced by fellow Canadian, William Shatner, from the trailer for “Over the Hedge”.
Avril Lavigne and William Shatner characters in "Over the Hedge"

Movie trailer for “Over the Hedge” – you can see and hear Avril say something at around 50 seconds in…

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Images: Dreamworks